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Martin’s engaging and interactive speaking style along with his unique approach to the subject of diversity has made Martin an in-demand interview subject for radio news talk shows and business and professional publications.

Check this page frequently to find out where you can hear interviews with Martin and read about him in business, news, and professional publications.

November 15, 2013, TEDx Charlottesville: The Difference that Makes a Difference

At the first TEDx Charlottesville event, Martin was part of an amazing and diverse lineup of speakers who shared their “ideas worth spreading.” Watch as Martin talks about the power of diversity—not just diversity as it relates to race and gender, but the diversity that’s present even when everybody looks the same. Martin calls this diversity within a homogeneous community “weirdness.”

October 5, 2013, TEDx Phoenixville, PA

“Are you Weird or just weird?” Watch Martin Davidson make this distinction, tell about his path to diversity, and encourage the audience members to discover their own weirdness and embrace it!

June 10, 2013, The Broad Experience Radio Broadcast “The Man Show”:

Based on Martin’s blog called In Search of a Safe Port, this broadcast featured Martin and fellow members of MARC (Men Advocating Real Change), Michael Kimmel and Mike Otterman.  Ashley Milne-Tyte led the conversation about men discussing women in the workplace…without women in the room.

Listen to the 17-minute broadcast at The Broad Experience.




May 19, 2010, HR Summit Teleconference:

Martin led this one hour teleconference, complete with a PowerPoint presentation on the topic of “Leveraging Difference as a Talent Management Strategy.”
Listen to clips from his presentation:

Diversity is not only an HR responsibility.

Diversity—So what?

Leveraging difference is different than managing diversity.

The continuous struggle to keep people (retention).

In a Leveraging Difference world we’re working to shift a culture and build an organization with a capability for difference.

The only tenable position a leader can take is to be a learner.


“A New Way of Approaching Diversity,” video interview with Martin N. Davidson,

Martin Davidson on ethics and leadership at the Darden Graduate School of Business.


Darden BusinessCast with Martin Davidson
In a “Darden Newsmakers” edition of the BusinessCast, Ken White, Director of Communications, Darden School of Business, speaks with Darden professor, and Associate Dean and Chief Diversity Officer, Martin Davidson. Martin is the author of two recent Wall Street Journal articles in the series – “Leveraging Difference Makes a Difference” and “Embracing the Weird,” the subject of this podcast. Martin offers his views on seeking out those who seem different, as those individuals often offer the best ideas and a different way of looking at what the group is trying to do.
Listen to the podcast:

Radio Interviews:

March 11, 2010: In response to Martin’s recent Washington Post “On Leadership” Web series on “In Praise of Damaged Leaders,” he was invited to participate in the Minnesota NPR morning news program, Midmorning with Kerri Miller. The topic was Personal Vices and Public Leadership. Click “Listen” to play the broadcast.

A repeat guest on National Public Radio’s With Good Reason program, speaking on: “Leveraging difference in the workplace”, with Erika James, June 2005.
Listen to the Interview:

Notable Publication News Features:

Martin Davidson was recently invited to join the Washington Post‘s “On Leadership” Web series as a member of the regular panel of contributors:

“Rethinking Political Correctness,” by Robin J. Ely, Debra Meyerson, and Martin N. Davidson, Harvard Business Review, September 01, 2006.

“Embracing the Weird,” Martin N. Davidson, The Wall Street Journal, November 15, 2008.

Selected as a “2009 Top 100 Under 50”, Diversity MBA Magazine, September 2009.

“Leveraging Difference Makes a Difference,” Martin N. Davidson, The Wall Street Journal, December 19, 2007.

Quoted in “Is There Room at the Top for Black Executives?” Ron Stodghill, The New York Times, November 1, 2007.

Quoted in “Getting Commitment From Black Managers: Study shows corporations fail at retaining minority employees,” Lee Anna Jackson, Black Enterprise magazine, August 01, 2005.

Quoted in “On-the-Job Conflicts: How Blacks and Whites React Differently,” Jordan T. Pine, , December 14, 2001.

Quoted in “Tips to Prevent and Resolve Cross-Cultural Conflicts at Work,” by Jordan T. Pine,, December 17, 2001.

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