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Martin Davidson helps leaders think differently about diversity.  His goal is to help leaders and organizations identify, learn about, and leverage difference in the organization. When working with Martin, leaders and talent professionals learn to approach diversity not as a burden, but as an opportunity to excel. His unique and dynamic style engages participants, provokes forward thinking, and inspires change in a variety of organizations from Fortune 100 companies to  higher education institutions, from Wall Street to Main Street. He does this through corporate consulting and executive education.



Corporate Consulting and Executive Education

Through his consulting and customized executive education, Dr. Davidson has impacted many domestic and global Fortune 500 companies, as well as institutions of higher education.  Some of the companies that have benefited from his consultation and executive development include Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch, Booz Allen, Tiffany & Co., Credit Suisse Bank, DuPont Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, ATT, Deutsche Bank, and Rolls-Royce.
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Political Advising and Diversity Expertise

Dr. Davidson can apply his extensive research and global field experience from the classroom and corporate offices to our civic leaders as they struggle to develop and execute diversity initiatives in our nation’s workplaces and schools. He has advised the Miller Center for Public Affairs on civil service reform and presented it to the Miller Center Governor’s Council, the advisory group for the Center.

Higher Education Institutions

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Consulted with the Office of Vice President for Administration to design and implement a diversity change initiative across nine organizations within the university.

Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Commissioned by the Board of Trustees to assess state of diversity & inclusion for the statewide university system. Provided recommendations for building a more sustainably diverse and inclusive institution.

Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, MD
Designed and delivered diversity training program for administrative heads of the Medical School.

Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Developed workshops on group facilitation and conflict management for 200 staff members. Trained 24 facilitators for the two workshops. Lectured on concepts to introduce each workshop.

Other Professional Organizations

National Association of Black Accountants
Taught in the Executive Leader Development Institute leadership training track.

Executive Leadership Forum, Washington DC
Moderated the 4th Annual CEO Summit in which senior African American executives from Fortune 500 firms partner with their CEOs in a day-long session of learning about best practices in leading diversity, including retention for people of color.

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